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Proving Liability in New York Bar Fights or Beatings

Bar owners can be held liable for injuries suffered in a barroom brawl or inflicted by an overzealous bouncer. If you suffered a serious personal injury because of a bar fight that got out of hand or rough treatment by security staff, contact the assault and battery lawsuit attorneys of Scarcella Law Offices.

With offices in White Plains and Manhattan, our firm represents people in New York City, Westchester County and surrounding counties in negligence claims against bars, clubs and other establishments for failure to protect patrons. In a free consultation, we can discuss your injuries and losses and the facts of your case.

Holding Bar Owners Accountable

Scarcella Law Offices has obtained damages through settlements or assault and battery lawsuits by holding property owners responsible for lack of security or injuries suffered when their own staff use excessive force to break up an altercation or forcibly remove patrons.

  • For injuries suffered in a bar fight, we investigate the history of the establishment and what security measures and policies were in place. Whether you were injured as an innocent bystander, or received a beating because security staff failed to respond appropriately, you may have an injury claim for damages.

  • If a bouncer caused your injuries, we investigate that person's background for any history of assaults or aggressive behavior. The bar owner can be sued for negligent hiring if we demonstrate a propensity for excessive force.

Our responsive attorneys swiftly pursue witness statements, check criminal backgrounds, examine police reports, and seek any security camera tapes that might support your allegations.

Other Types of Assault

If you or a family member were assaulted in any establishment — an apartment building, a mall, a day care center, a parking garage — owners are responsible for your safety. They owe a duty to provide adequate security and to conduct background searches on employees. A day care provider or school who hires a pedophile or convicted sex offender could be liable for sexual assault or sexual abuse.

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